AmeriCeltic Music Downloads

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The King Street Sessions Tunebook This legendary work contains music scores and chords for 1006 Celtic, Old Time, and other Traditional tunes and songs. Thank Mike D. Long, mike(at)
MostlyCelticTunebook.pdf Music scores and chords for 150 Celtic, Old Time, and other Traditional tunes. Thank Dave Barton, fiddlerdave(at)
MostlyCelticSongbook.pdf Lyrics and chords in Nashville notation for 150 songs. Thank Jim Raymond, jraymond(at)
The Kings Head Tunebook Music scores and chords for 101 Traditional Celtic tunes. Thank Paul Magnussen, majjick(at)
If your printer can do it, these books are designed to be printed double-sided, if not, you will just get twice as many pages. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document. If you don't already have it, you can download it free from the Acrobat Reader link on the Adobe Website.
Tutorial Music files
The Roseville
HarvestHome.mid BoysOfBlueHill.mid SoldiersJoy.mid
Harvest Home, Boys of Blue Hill, & Soldiers Joy
MP3 Music files
Culanns Hounds Live at O'Flaherty's in San Jose 121 minutes!
Why Paddy is Not at Work Today Michael Black
Mick McGilliagans Daughter Michael Black
Rakes Of Kildare Morrisons Jig Alison Kline
Doon The Brae O'Keefe's Slide Alison Kline
The Song Of The Chanter Alison Kline
Drowsy Maggie Alison Kline
Rights Of Man Dublin Streets Alison Kline
Star Of The County Down Ten Penny Bit Alison Kline
Arran Boat Song / Star of the County Down Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Ashokan Farewell Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Fanny Power Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Fields of Athenry Bob, Dave, Steve, Tony
Flowers of Edinburgh Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Josephine Dave, Tony
Saint Annes Reel Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Sheebeg An Sheemor Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve
Staten Island Hornpipe Bob, Dave, Tony, Steve